Give Your Lawn a Makeover

Give Your Lawn a Makeover

Add beautiful, trendy outdoor features to your yard in Freehold, NJ

Enjoy your yard to its fullest extent with Sisxtos Lawn Care. We'll put in any features you want to see and make your yard look more colorful. By installing greenery and decorations, we can put you in the running for yard of the month in your neighborhood.

Is your lawn looking dry and brown? Rejuvenate it with new sod. We offer both artificial and genuine sod. Artificial sod requires no maintenance, while real sod takes some upkeep. We'll help you decide which works best for your home.

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Modernize your landscape design in Freehold, NJ

Express your creativity by making your yard look beautiful. There are plenty of resources available to you. You'll have a chance to look through our booklet of trees, bushes and flowerbeds that can be placed around your home. You can also dress up your yard with:

Keystone rocks
Decorative boulders

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